ASA-1000 Workplace Decontamination

When the immune system becomes stressed, the body becomes more susceptible to illness — and this means lost worker productivity and/or public health issues. We decontaminate both HVAC systems (including air ducts) as well as building functional surfaces in order to improve air quality.

HVAC systems are a primary source of airborne contamination and should be cleaned when a visual inspection indicates excessive particle debris, or microbiological growth, on any interior surfaces. Annual (or bi-annual) visual inspection for cleanliness should be incorporated into HVAC preventive maintenance schedules and should include all components of the system. We provide both cleaning of air ducts and mechanical systems as well as apply a non-toxic sanitizer to protect against microbial pathogens.

Our air duct cleaning equipment includes both Rotobrush® and/or robotic video inspection/cleaning systems. ASA-1000 can be applied to surfaces and air conveyance systems. to kill and prevent a wide variety of biological threats to humans. And best of all — its safer to use than bleach and water. And unlike bleach; it has demonstrated through third party lab tests to have a 90-day residual.

The Benefits of ASA-1000™:

  • US EPA-registered for indoor use and in HVAC systems (ASA-1000D)
  • Broad spectrum decontamination effectiveness: kills mold, bacteria, and virus strains
  • High assurance of building/structure decontamination and restored indoor air quality
  • Fast turnaround as a result of minimal remediation work required
  • Improved human immune system as microbial stressors are removed from environment

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