Industrial Solution for Microbial Threats

Protecting Industrial Personnel from Pathogens

Invisible Problem(s): Virus, Bacteria & Mold

H1N1, Staph, and other harmful pathogens are not eliminated by traditional
janitorial cleaning — therefore exposing workers to risk of illness

Microbial pathogens pose multiple problems in industrial facilities:

    • Staff absenteeism due to illness
    • Weakened immune system performance due to increase in microbial immune stressors
    • Negative impact on production schedules (lost profits)
    • Negative media exposure; unwanted scrutiny from labor associations
    • Possible liability for not ensuring proper worker health & safety

Invisible Solution: The BioSafe Barrier™

An invisible disinfectant barrier is applied (mist) to protect against harmful
pathogens. BioSafeTM is a patented, EPA-registered, zero-toxicity disinfectant
used by the U.S. military, White House, and private industry to protect against
biological, chemical, and related threats.

  • Protection: 90 days between applications (lab tested)
  • Surface Application: mist, foam, and/or wipe down

How it Works

  • BioSafe is applied as a mist by our trained technicians
  • Large indoor facilities can be protected quickly (1,000 square feet per minute)
  • BioSafe dries in about an hour with no toxic residue
  • Protective barrier is re-activated by moisture in the air to continue killing
  • BioSafe is available as an additive for janitorial floor mop and surface cleaning


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