Safety Vision

Safety Vision Statement

We at Action Offshore live by a very simple set of core values; treat everyone with respect, live and work with the highest level of integrity  and above all be honest and accountable. Our goals are simple; deliver a product that far exceeds industry standards, strive to leave a zero daily impact on our environment, live and work as stewards of our community, and go home safely each night to our families. Safety is not simply spoken, it is developed, tested and applied to every part of our daily lives.

Action Offshore’s Beliefs Are:

  • All incidents and injuries can be prevented
  • Everyone’s first responsibility is to insure they work safely
  • Everyone has a duty to stop work if they feel any situation is unsafe
  • The expectations and standards are the same for everyone
  • Rules and procedures must be observed and respected
  • We should look out for each other in all situations both safe and unsafe
  • All injuries/incidents/near misses must be reported and investigated
  • Risk assessments must be carried out prior to, during, and upon completion of work
  • We must always work within the limits of our competency and training
  • We must maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all employees
  • We must promote a positive outlook towards safety
  • The owners, managers and team leaders have a special responsibility for promoting and upholding these principles.

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